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BTEC Chemistry P’s & M’s


P1 – Describe physical/chemical properties of group 1+7

M1 – Describe the trends in group 1+7


P2 – Table of different properties of Covalent versus Ionic bonds

M2 – Explain the properties of Covalent & Ionic bonds


P3 - Draw ‘Dot’ and ‘Cross’ diagrams for Ionic and Covalent Compounds

M3 – Describe the formation of Ionic and Covalent Compounds


P4 – Uses of substances based on physical properties

M4 – Drill bit report


P5 - Uses of substances based on chemical properties

M5 – Describe the Haber process for making ammonia


P6 – 4 x tables, graphs and questions on rates of reaction

M6 – Describe ‘yield’ and ‘atom economy’


P7 – tables for number of atoms/symbols in equations

M7 – Report comparing human disasters with natural disasters and their effect on the environment


P8 – How humans have affected the environment


P9 – How natural factors (earthquakes and volcanoes) have affected the environment