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House System and School Councils


At Abertillery all learners are cared for and supported through our House system.

All learners are placed in a house when they start at the school and remain in the same house for their life at the school. Each house consists of learners from all year groups and a team of Learning Coaches who work with learners on a daily basis during Learning Coach time. The houses are lead by a Head of House.

The houses are smaller communities within the larger community of the school. Learners have assemblies as houses and enter into school events under the banner of their house, competing against the other houses for points and prizes. The house system ensures that all learners are known well and supported by both staff and other learners throughout their time in school.


Our Houses











Children have the right to have a say in decisions that affect them, and our School and House Councils give our pupils their right to have a voice.  All pupils are invited to be part of their House Councils, and a vote takes place in the Autumn Term.  Every pupil takes part in the vote to elect pupils from all year groups to the House Councils.  The House Council chooses members to represent them on the main School Council.  In the past, our School Council members have taken part in visits to other schools, and in School Council conferences. They have also met with our local MP, Nick Smith and have even met the Queen.  As we are currently in the process of electing pupils to our School and House Councils more news and pictures of our new members will follow….