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Chillax Breakfast and After School Club. Our Club is a place where all young people can feel safe and welcome. We are fully inclusive. Chillax is open to any young person who wishes to attend from Abertillery learning community. We can work with the young people within Chillax to help them feel safe, have fun by joining in fun activities and allow them to be themselves and be happy. Having these experiences can help the young people reach their full potential. The school works in partnership with us and identifies the children who need a safe place to go and be themselves, building on their confidence and self-esteem. Another great factor is the staff at the project and the strong working links they have with the school. This is great continuity for the young people and helps them settle and feel safe immediately. Staff are also involved who can identify the children who would benefit greatly with attending Chillax.



























































Our Aims


  • To provide a safe environment for children to have a healthy breakfast.

  • To provide a safe environment for children to attend a youth club after school.

  • Help support children make better relationships.

  • Help children to have more fun.

  • Give children better opportunities to cope with change.

Young people love the fact that they can play, learn and relax.

  • The atmosphere is caring, and supportive. Staff and Young People have good positive relationships.

  • We can accommodate up to 35 young people.

  • Parents know their young people are safe before school and after school.

  • Activities within the club include internet access, pool tables, football table X box, smart television, music, computers, and arts and crafts.  As well as board games, make up /nail art. Help with homework and printing.

  • We have festival events, trips and fun days to all young people who attend. 


What our young people say about Chillax.

“It gives you a good way to make and be friends.”

“it’s fun”.

“I have never been to a beach before, Barry Island summer trip is amazing”.

“My children have a chance to mix before and after school.”

“I wanted to eat breakfast with my friends.”



Our Team

Joanne Day


Leann Jones


Open every school day.

7.45am - 8.40am

2.50pm - 4.30pm


If you have any suggestions or

worries/concerns these are the people you can contact.


Chillax After School Club.

Alma Street,


Blaenau Gwent

NP13 1YL


Telephone number:  07469352117

for all their support.



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